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Axon Medical Supports Signing of House Bill 1082

Axon Medical Technologies, LLC Chief Science Officer Michael Zarreii shared his excitement Thursday following Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s signing of House Bill 1082. “This is a great day for Pennsylvanians at risk of memory loss and neurodegenerative disease and their families,” Zarreii said. “I am pleased that the governor recognizes and supports efforts for the […]

Memory Loss and Dementia: Does Early Detection Matter?

Many adults experience the occasional memory lapse—whether misplacing car keys or failing to recall the name of a television program. While most write it off as forgetfulness, others fear a serious health issue is at hand. But what causes these absentminded episodes? Is it aging, memory loss, or some other explicable—and treatable—condition? In fact, the […]

Adults Now Have Access to Insurance-Covered Alzheimer’s and Dementia Assessment

Adults experiencing memory lapses now have access to a new and convenient, technologically-advanced, cognitive assessment test that allows early intervention and treatment for those at risk of memory loss. “Many adults experience forgetfulness or absentmindedness during everyday activities—misplacing car keys or the name of a television program—and fear they are experiencing memory loss due to […]