Cognitive Assessment Platform Available for Memory Loss

A new, non-invasive enhanced cognitive assessment test (ECAT) platform is now available for treating patients at risk of neurodegenerative disease. The tool uses both objective and subjective tests to evaluate cognitive ability.

Central to the ECAT platform is the objective measurement of cranial nerves II, III, IV, and VI through eye movement to help provide more accurate data regarding patients’ cognitive health.

Eye movement responses to controlled stimuli are measured through Intellig-EYES™, an FDA-registered headgear device, together with 140 parameters of cranial nerve performance. The scan procedure creates baseline values or comparative data using specialized sequences to detect and rate the severity of cognitive readiness decline. The test measures learning, constriction latency, constriction rate, pupil diameter change, and convergence rate.

Intellig-EYES can be administered in any setting where an internet connection is available. The procedure is covered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, reimbursing attending physicians $282 per patient scan per year. Test data is acquired through a 30- to 87-second scan using the Intellig-EYES device, followed by subjective tests, and uploaded to a secure server for physicians’ review.

Intellig-EYES detects cognitive decline before patients exhibit behaviors measured by contemporary subjective tests, allowing early intervention and treatment, where necessary.

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