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Memory Loss and Dementia: Does Early Detection Matter?

Many adults experience the occasional memory lapse—whether misplacing car keys or failing to recall the name of a television program. While most write it off as forgetfulness, others fear a serious health issue is at hand. But what causes these absentminded episodes? Is it aging, memory loss, or some other explicable—and treatable—condition? In fact, the […]

Memory Access v. Memory Loss: When Should You Worry?

You’re already 10 minutes late for work, and as you rush out the door, you grab your keys and your jacket, leaving your laptop behind. Are you losing your mind, or just having a bad day? Don’t worry. During a flurry of activity or the height of a stressful moment, it’s easy to be forgetful–“senior […]

What is COVID Brain Fog, and What Should You Know?

From the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, coronavirus is known to have a significant and lasting impact on patients’ major organ systems, including the lungs, heart, and kidneys. Now two years into the global health event, research indicates that survivors may also suffer lasting neurologic effects of the infection. Often described as confusion or […]